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News TV Bihar ’ is India’s one of the most reputed news agencies, which provides latest and breaking news in Hindi languages. It was established in 2012, and continues to be one of the trusted news agencies of India. Other than being a responsible news agency, News TV Bihar has an online presence as a major news publishing house.

News TV Bihar – the online news portal of News TV Bihar is currently India’s leading online news portal which broadcasts only verified latest news , top news and breaking news in the Hindi language. It covers the latest news from all categories including National, International, Politics , State , Business & Economy , Entertainment, Technology, Science, Medicine, Lifestyle, Automobile , Crime, Youth and more.

News TV Bihar- News features advanced multimedia technologies like live streaming of latest news in Hindi. This online news portal is updated everyday with latest news every day irrespective of holidays. The focus is laid on the latest and most trusted publications of news.

We know that nowadays social media plays an integral role in a person’s life. So, we believe in maintaining the standard of our news channels. It empowers people to make their own viewpoint through unbiased and credible news items.

It is quite fortunate for us to state that it is our viewers who encourage us to toil enough on our content which we are spreading through our online news portal. News TV Bihar is committed to providing unbiased news irrespective of gender, caste, creed, race, and color. We are pleased to offer breaking news in Hindi through Facebook, YouTube, and our News TV Bihar website. We target in spreading awareness and information to end to end viewers. We focus on the sector of news, which is fast, real and trending. Over the years, News TV Bihar has widened its brand to scale more opportunities for viewers to connect with the world easily. Our team work, powered with dedication, works hard to provide the exclusive information to reach our viewers at the earliest.

We are thankful to our viewers who have joined hands with us and supported us in achieving great success.

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